I would like to start building a "portfolio" of my work. I have decided to be a "Volunteer Photographer" and volunteer my time being a photographer for individuals, groups, non-profit organizations. I will consider taking pictures for individuals/groups who can’t afford a professional photo shoot during weekend only. I may select certain photos to use in my portfolio.

Please note that I am not a professional. If you are expecting "perfection" then I suggest hiring a professional. I am doing this because I want to learn more about photography techniques/editing photos. I have a nice camera. I do have an additional flashs, including studio stobes, that I may use as needed.

I am volunteering my time only. If you want print pictures or link to download Pictures, Please contact me via "Contact Me" button with list of pictures you are interested in. After receiving your donation, I will either give link to download or printed photo will be mailed to your address. All (100%) proceed will be given to charity of my choice or your choice. Currently I am supporting Pratham USA as my primary charity.
What does Pratham do?
Pratham’s mission is to ensure “Every Child is in School and Learning Well.” Pratham was founded on the firm belief that education is the fundamental right of every child and no child should be deprived of this basic right simply because they don’t have access to school or resources that would enable them to realize their dreams.
For more info about Pratham USA, please visit


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